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Stand mixer

    High-performance kneading machine with extra-powerful 1300 W pecial robust gear mechanism
    5 litre fine steel dish for max, 2 kg mixture preparation
    Aluminium die-cast stiming hook-also enables the uniform mixing of sizeable quantities of dougl
    Aluminlum die-cast dough hook-for heavy doughs, eg yeast or bread dough
    Stainless steel whisk for light sponge cake and fluffy egg whites
    7 speed settings plus pulse(0-1-2-3-4-5-6
    Safety circuit
    Constant power through load-dependent, electronic speed control
    Unlocking mechanism for multifunction arm 60'swivelling multifunction arm
    Particularty easy to operate and clean
    Non-slip stand by suction feet
    Quick-action chuck for holding the tools