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Free Technical Service By Cargo Sended

Dear Customer,
We believe it is important to provide the best service as well as providing the best product at the most affordable prices. Therefore, our Customer Hotline and Whatsapp communication line are now available for your access as well as the access forms on our website so as to be closer to conscious consumers.
You can call Consumer Hotline and Whatsapp communication line;
From 09:00 am to 06:00 pm and you can forward your requests, suggestions and complaints to our company.
To Consumer’s Attention:
In order to receive the full range of services related to our products, we kindly ask you to follow the suggestions below:

        1-When you buy the product, you must have your Warranty Certificate approved by your authorized dealer.

        2-Use the product according to the instructions in the instructions for use.

        3-When you have a service request for your product, please contact the Consumer Hotline at the phone number above.

        You can apply to the Arbitration Committee for Consumer Problems or the Consumer Court at your residential area or where the consumer transaction is carried out in case of disputes arising out of the use of the rights arising from the warranty. In addition, if it is understood that the goods are defective, Article 11 of Law No. 6502 on Consumer Protection states that you may exercise one of the following rights;
a- Termination of contract,
b- Asking for discount on sales price,
c- Asking for free repair,
d- Asking for replacement of the defective goods with the one free from defects.
We are in cooperation with PTT Cargo Company within the scope of our Technical Service through Delivery campaign. It would be enough for the customers to call Customer Hotline on 0850 811 65 65 or Whatsapp Communication Line on 0549 781 6372 and follow the instructions if they have any problems under warranty regarding the product regardless of the price of the product they purchase. After this process, you can send your product to our company from the nearest PTT Kargo shipment office and get your product in 20 working days from the same shipment office.
If the problem is not solved within 20 working days, the product is replaced with a new/equivalent and upgraded one. In this process, no fee is charged to our consumers.
(The service warranty period starts after the PTT Kargo delivers the product to the Sinbo Factory.)